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Simply spend like a debit card and earn cashback to spend on whatever you want, whenever you want. It's that easy!

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Unlock up to 20% cashback from hundreds of Australia’s most loved brands.
*Only $9.99 per month thereafter

Go cardless

Add your Citro Debit card to Apple Pay or Google Pay across multiple devices and never worry about forgotten cards or cash again.

How to get your Citro Card

Link your Citro debit card to your existing bank account
No transaction fees worldwide
Bank grade security and protection

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How does the Citro membership work?

Citro is comprised of a free newsletter, an online community and a rewards card.
Becoming a Citro Community member is easy and free: Just sign up to our newsletter and receive weekly inspiration and deals in your inbox, along with access to our online community.
If you want to get even more out of life, you can sign up to the Citro Card. With this rewards card, you can automatically save whenever you transact at our partners, whether online and in-store.

How does the Citro Card work?

With the Citro Card, you can spend like you would with a debit card and save seamlessly. Whether it's on a holiday, or closer to home, you can use Citro anywhere that accepts a Visa card, online or in-store. Every time you spend at a partner store, you will automatically earn cashback. You can use your earned Citro cashback wherever and whenever you like. It's that seamless and easy!

How can I start using a Citro Card?

Just sign-up to the waitlist and find out if you're eligible! Once you have received your Citro Card, you can unlock it by simply linking it to your bank account. You can use Citro anywhere that accepts a Visa card, whether it's on a holiday, or closer to home. When you use your Citro card at a partner location, online or in-store, you'll automatically earn cashback. The days of asking for a Seniors discount are over! 

Is Citro a credit card?

No. Just link your existing bank account and you're ready to go. To start paying with your Citro Card and begin earning cashback, you only need to link a payment method. Think of it like linking your bank account to PayPal: simple, fast and secure. The Citro Card is your key to earning cashback, but it's always your money. No credit overdraft, no new bank account, no approvals required.

Does Citro charge fees?

Signing up for our Citro community newsletter is free. With a Citro Card, you unlock a world of offers and exclusive cashback deals that you can’t get anywhere else. Enjoy your first 12 months free on your Citro Card - thereafter, continue enjoying all of its perks and benefits at only $9.99 per month.

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