5 great walking holidays for any budget and fitness level (including super hard!)

Most of us walk more when we travel, but what about travelling to walk? Have a think about these 5 trips to get your travel desires salivating ... including Italy's Cinque Terra, pictured here.

If you feel mentally and physically recharged after a relaxing, leisurely walk, picking a holiday destination with a scenic walking trail is a no-brainer. Besides the mental benefits, it’s also great for physical fitness. And walking has been proven (time and time again!) to be a powerful way to improve your general wellbeing. Whether you prefer to get your feet moving alongside your thoughts or enjoy the company of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide - there’s a walk for everybody. Here are Citro's 5 must-visit walks perfect for travel enthusiasts.

Written by Carolyn Tate
The Twelve Apostles may be eroding into the ocean, so take a look before they crumble further.

Great Ocean Walk in Victoria

 People flock from all corners of the world to catch a glimpse of the winding, rugged coast along the Great Ocean Road.Most famous for the Twelve Apostles (now only eight, thanks to that great ocean)– the iconic freestanding limestone formations – there are more breathtaking Aussie wonders to uncover along this road.  

 If you’re looking for a combination of stunning seaside views, a refreshing fresh breeze and a range of trails, book a trip down the magnificent Great Ocean Road. 

The Great Ocean Walk has sections that cater to all difficulty levels, from light to moderate to advanced.

Citro travel tip

Book an overnight stay at Macka’s Farm Lodge. It’s only an 11km drive from what many visitors believe to be even more beautiful than the Twelve Apostles - the Loch Ard Gorge. There are a number of steps to get down, but the view at the bottom is 100% worth it. If you get up early, you may even catch a blood-red sunrise.

More information: The Great Ocean Walk

Watch the Parks Victoria guide to Great Ocean Walk

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail in South Australia


There’s plenty of opportunity to get close and personal (but not too close!) with some cute, native animals like koalas, kangaroos and sea lions along the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.

This South Australian wilderness has incredibly recovered after the 2019-2020 bushfires. With fantastic scenery and excellent campsites, you’ll love discovering the pristine nature of SouthAustralia.

If nature conservation pulls at your heartstrings, we suggest making the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail your next must-visit holiday destination.

Thanks to the range of hiking trails, this well-maintained trail attracts a crowd of all ages.

Kangaroo Island's Wilderness Trail is alive with beauty.

Citro travel tip

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, join the Fire Recovery Experience. Created for walkers and hosted by licensed tour operators, you’ll get an exclusive look at the incredible plant regrowth after the fires and spot much more wildlife than on a regular walk. Summer is the best time of year to travel, but Spring and Autumn are fabulous too. And don't forget to visit Seal Bay to see amazing wildlife.

More information: Tour Kangaroo Island

“Walking is the favourite sport of the good and wise.” -A.L. Rowse. If you enjoy walking, then why not try a walking holiday?

Three Sisters Walk in Blue Mountains, New South Wales

There are many dreamtime stories about the Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains.


Explore the World Heritage-listed stunning Blue Mountains on foot. Connect with local Indigenous culture while you discover the blue-tinted beauty of the mountains, cascading waterfalls, and native trees along the eucalyptus-scented walking trails - all just a short drive from the Sydney city centre.

Perfect for travellers who appreciate diverse landscapes and a calm atmosphere - there are walking trails to suit all fitness levels. The local council publish a list of accessible areas that people with limited mobility can visit.

Citro travel tip

The Katoomba area is considered the ‘epicentre’ of the Blue Mountains, and is home to the famous Three Sisters (a trio of sandstone peaks overlooking the National Park). Enjoy the leisurely Three Sisters walk with iconic views that take you nearly a kilometre above sea level. Try to visit the Elephant Bean cafe for a hot chocolate (made with real chocolate) and their signature coffee blends.

More information: NSW National Parks

 Be inspired by the meditative sounds you encounter in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Sekumpul Waterfall walk in Bali, Indonesia

This Balinese waterfall is for experienced hikers only - but it's worth the effort.


Dubbed Bali’s best waterfall, you’ll hear the crashing sound of the water before laying eyes on the jaw-dropping twin waterfall attraction. If you consider yourself an adventurous spirit, this is perfect for you. Expect to see lush greenery and exotic local plants while walking to the waterfall.

The track is appropriate for seasoned walkers only so you may want to go into training if it’s been a while between long walks. The steep slopes and steps can be tough on some people. And if you visit during peak season, you’ll see plenty of friendly faces because this track attracts visitors from all over the world.

Citro travel tip

Even though the Sekumpul Waterfall is atop attraction in Bali, it can be tricky to find. Consider hiring a driver and taking a guided tour to access the walk. Wear sturdy walking shoes and pack a towel to dry your feet if you want to refresh your tired feet in the cool water(which we highly recommend!).

More information: Sekumpul Waterfall trail

Be inspired by the steep vistas this drone footage has captured of the waterfall, which is for adventure-loving walkers only.


Vernazza – Corniglia walk in Cinque Terre, Italy

The Italian coastline is majestic for walking (and there are great restaurants, bars and villages to stop at along the way).

Are you ready for La Dolce Vita? Cinque Terre is made up of 5 centuries-old seaside fishing villages along the rocky and colourful Italian coastline. It’s all about taking your time while appreciating the Italian culture and delicious treats like refreshing mango gelato or homemade pasta carbonara.

The gentle walking paths connecting the villages make this trail feel like you’ve just stepped into an Italian movie. Don’t rush on this walk – it’s made for taking your time so you can take it all in.

Citro travel tip

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Vernazza - Corniglia trail. The walk is 3.5km, and starting from Corniglia is easier. Take a shuttle bus from the train station to the village, explore the picturesque town, and take an aperitivo halfway along the walk at a bar in Prevo, 208 metres above sea level, overlooking the Mediterranean Coast.  

More information: Cinque Terre Italy

Take a look at the sights you can see if you wander Italy's beautiful coastline


Which destination caught your eye? Do you prefer the sound of crashing waves along a world-famous coastline? Or scenic jungle terrain wrapped in crisp, fresh air? Whatever your heart desires - we guarantee that one of these iconic walks will make you fall in love with nature all over again.

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