Craft your travel dreams with Citro partner Designer Journeys

Do you have a dream travel destination in mind, but fear it’s too hard to book, plan or navigate your way around on your own when you get there? Enter Designer Journeys, Citro’s travel partner to help you make your best (travel) years even better.

By Citro 

Every great trip starts with a dream

Every trip starts differently and Designer Journeys will guide you through the process to design your extraordinary trip. Even better, you’ll get $250 cashback plus an additional $250 discount when you spend $3,500 as a Citro member. 

Take the first step by exploring Designer Journey’s gallery of 2,000+ itineraries or telling them exactly where you want to go and what you want to do so they can build a trip exactly for you.

Designer Journeys have expert trip designers on every continent to create wild, wonderful or just plain relaxing travel itineraries, tailored to whatever your heart desires. 

If you're stuck for ideas on where your next holiday might take you - Designer Journeys can give you a heap of inspiration.

Oh, and they won’t charge you a fortune for the privilege.  

Access to expert and experienced trip designers

Citro members who choose to create and design their own trip can work with an expert local travel designer to design or customise a travel itinerary so it is exactly what you want.

Designer Journeys creates bespoke travel itineraries by connecting you to a global network of trusted Local Designers who design, build and deliver extraordinary travel experiences, tailored to your exact requirements.

Local insight, unique destination knowledge and travel planning expertise enables you to fully immerse yourself in the places you visit.

Designer Journey trip designers live locally to make sure they have the best insights, unique destination knowledge and travel planning expertise so you can fully immerse yourself in the places you visit, all whilst being fully supported by a dedicated local team in Australia. It’s like the good old days, when you had a trusted travel agent and an experienced hotel concierge. 

With Designer Journeys, you'll open your world to travel experiences that you won't find anywhere else.

Their local designers give you access to exclusive experiences, restaurants, hotels and more as well as helping you avoid pitfalls, to ensure your trip is incredible. That’s why Citro chose them to be our travel partner.

The fun is in the planning

Designer Journeys connect you directly to the trip-planning experts - their in-destination locals - who know their country better than anyone else. 

They keep costs low by connecting you directly to the on-the-ground travel expert.

Designer Journeys’ global network of Local Designers are hand-selected, deeply knowledgeable local travel experts that deliver unique experiences and on-the-ground support for travellers. 

They are in-destination inbound travel agents, tour operators, destination management teams and accommodation providers that build custom travel experiences and curated travel packages with their local knowledge and destination insight. 

All of Designer Journeys’ Local Designers complete an intensive selection process to ensure they are reliable, vetted, trustworthy and deliver quality travel experiences every time.

By choosing to design your trip with Designer Journeys, you remove the complexities of booking different elements of your trip with a myriad of providers and the result is an extraordinary travel experience!

Some inspiration to whet your travel appetite

With a gallery of almost 2,000 customisable trips across 73 countries worldwide, Designer Journeys can design, build and deliver extraordinary travel experiences that are customised to you. 

Want to cook slow food in Abruzzo, Italy, and explore medieval ruins while trying to spot bears and wolves in Europe’s most important conservation area - go right ahead …

Or would you prefer a quick trip to see Australia, Designer Journeys can help you plan, book and dream up your ideal trip.

Wherever you’re looking to travel, however you want to travel, whatever you’d like to do, whoever you’re travelling with, and for whatever reason; the Designer Journeys team will work with you to design your custom trip. 

By choosing Designer Journeys, you’ll open your world to exploring in extraordinary ways with unique activities and local experiences. 

Head to their trip gallery for the inspiration to begin your Designer Journey!

Alternatively, fill in their enquiry form to describe your travel dreams and they will work with you to make it happen.

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Citro member offer with Designer Journeys:

Designer Journeys can tailor any dream trip you like. Citro members get $250 cashback and an additional $250 discount on Designer Journeys amazing trips worth $3,500 or more. See terms and conditions. The offer is only available to those who pay through their Citro Card. Want your own card? Get the Citro App for iPhone or Android.

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