Empowering savvier health choices with Citro and nib

Australians are living longer and most of us want our increased lifespan to include full mobility, sparkling cognitive function and enjoyable days with family or friends. Citro’s new partnership with nib will help our members achieve that.

By Citro

It’s no secret that health is where the real wealth is when we get older. 

The statistics don’t lie - older people use more health services and more of us are going to need health insurance to help pay for it. 

Everything from our eyesight, hearing  and hair loss through to more serious illnesses like dementia, cancer or cardiovascular issues become more common with age.

People aged in their 50s and 60s today are likely to live even longer than today’s life expectancy of 85 for women and 81 for men, which will put more demand on publicly funded healthcare systems.

The public health system in Australia - usually called  ‘Medicare’ - is fantastic for emergency healthcare, but it’s not so great for preventative dental and non-critical medical services that help us age well. 

Enter Citro’s new partnership with nib

Citro empowers our members to age positively by bringing you free content and evidence-based information about how to extend longevity and healthspan.

We also carefully choose quality health partners that we believe will support Citro members to make whatever evidence-based health decisions are right for them.

Partnering with nib health insurance means Citro offers our members cashback on buying private health insurance policies, which can help members to:

  • Maintain quality dental health by offsetting the cost of regular check ups and basic fillings.
  • Skip lengthy public hospital waiting lists (especially important if you need hip or knee replacement surgery to maintain mobility).
  • Access allied health services like physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic care to alleviate aches and pains.
  • Enjoy mental health care support when you need it.
  • Access emergency ambulance and intensive care cover in case of an emergency.
  • Take part in preventive health programs for everything from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, bone and mobility care and mental health.

The majority of Australians consider themselves to be in good health, and manage to live independently — with or without community-based support — until their final days. 

A health issue causing chronic pain can go untreated for years if you don’t have health insurance to help quickly access surgery or treatment.

Health insurance can be complex, but as a Citro member you will get up to $300 cashback for singles and up to $600 cashback for couples on purchasing an nib health insurance policy.

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Citro Card exclusive

Citro members can enjoy up to $300 cashback for singles and up to $600 cashback for couples purchasing an eligible combined Hospital + Extras cover by 31 May, 20241. nib will also waive the 2 and 6 month waiting periods, which means you can claim straight away on Extras such as dental and optical.

The offer is only available to those who pay through their Citro Card. Want your own card? Get the Citro App (it's iPhone only - Android is coming soon).‍

1 The Offer is only available to new members who are Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, or those who are entitled to full reciprocal rights under Medicare, registered for Medicare and listed on an active Medicare card, and who join an eligible combined Hospital and Extras policy by 11:59pm 31 May 2024. Ineligible products include Basic Kickstarter, Basic Accident Hospital and Value Extras. Not available to existing health insurance policyholders with nib, AAMI, Apia, Suncorp, nib, ING, GU Health, Priceline, Qantas, Real Health Insurance or Seniors Health Insurance, or to previous policyholders who have held health insurance with any of these brands and cancelled their policy 6 months before or during the Offer Period.  

The Offer consists of:

  1. Up to $600 cashback on your Citro card: The Offer consists of 6 monthly cashback payments to be applied to the Eligible Members Citro card for a 6 month period, beginning in month 3 of membership to an amount equating to a maximum total of AUD $300 (inclusive of GST) for single policies and an amount equating to a maximum  total of AUD $600 (inclusive of GST) for single-parent family, couple and family policies.  
  2. Waived waits:  2 & 6 month waiting periods will be waived for Eligible Members on all Extras services that normally require a 2 or 6 month waiting period under the Eligible Product. The Waiver will be fulfilled at the time the Eligible Member takes out the Eligible Product.  Longer waiting periods may apply for some services

The Eligible Member must maintain the qualifying policy up to the date of the Offer being applied to the policy, as outlined in the terms and conditions. The Offer will be forfeited if the Eligible Member is not an active policyholder on this date. Not available with any other offer unless otherwise stated. See full terms and conditions.  

For full terms and conditions regarding Citro’s cashback, please visit Citro cashback terms and conditions.


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