Fintech Citro launches Australia's first rewards program for those approaching and in retirement

Australia’s integrated content and rewards fintech platform, Citro, has today unveiled a market-first rewards program that provides Australians approaching and in retirement with access to savings from more than 200 leading retailers online and in store.

It is estimated customers can save up to $1500 a year1 through the Citro discounts program, with the rewards card able to link directly to most bank accounts and rewards automatically activated when customers make purchases at participating retailers.

Retailers include a broad range of Australia’s most popular brands, including Virgin Australia,, P&O Cruises, Petstock, The Iconic, Designer Journeys, Freely Travel Insurance, NIB, Pilot, Juniper, Vitable and Tangerine Telecom, with many more expected to join the program soon.

Citro, which is backed by AMP and launched in 2023, has already built a community of more than 75,000 members on its content platform. All receive tailored content and insights to help them fully enjoy life and take control of their finances as they approach and manage their retirement.

How the new rewards program works:

  • Citro Community Members can sign up for access to the Rewards Card. The process takes less than 10 minutes and consists of digitally verified identity checks.
  • Members are then issued a physical and digital (Apple Pay or Google Pay) card, which they can link to any PayTo-enabled bank account they choose. PayTo is currently enabled by 47 financial institutions in Australia, including the big four. The card will use funds from that bank account with no need to open a new bank account, apply for credit or preload the rewards card with funds
  • When using the card at participating retailers, customers will receive a bonus in the form of a cashback which is automatically applied to their Citro account to use on future purchases
  • Using the Citro app, customers can decide whether they apply this cash-back to their next purchase or save it up for a larger purchase at a later stage.

Citro’s Managing Director Ash Frenken said:

“Australians lose out on hundreds of dollars worth of discounts because they don’t want to make a point about their age every time they pay. We’ve taken the seniors card concept and given it a fresh and modern overhaul by using the latest fintech to provide those approaching and in retirement with access to significant rewards. Customers simply need to tap their Citro card at any participating retailer which accepts Visa and a cashback will be automatically credited to their account.”

“We look forward to adding more leading retailers and providing further savings for Citro’s rapidly growing community of Australian’s approaching or in retirement”

AMP Director of Strategy and New Ventures, Josh Waterhouse said:

“AMP is committed to developing new products and services to address the unmet needs of Australia’s growing retiree population. We’re excited to back Citro as a unique solution, tailored
specifically to reward older Australians”.

The faces behind the future of fintech for retirees: Our dedicated team at Citro, who are bringing this market-first rewards program to life, ensuring Australians approaching and in retirement have access to significant savings and benefits.

Harrison Polites

0409 623 618

About Citro:

Citro is a membership-based platform that aims to help Australians make their best years even better. Backed by AMP and launching in 2023, the platform already offers advice, inspiration, education and rewards to over 75,000 Australians. Citro also operates an innovative cashback rewards card aimed at maximising the benefits received for everyday spending.

1 Savings based on first year cardholder spend of $23,406 across categories including travel, insurance, health, fashion, food and liquor and the associated cash back being credited for each parfticipating Citro partner current as at 21st February 2024.

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