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Managing a household budget when cost of living pressures rise means it's ALWAYS time to check out Citro partners. Our new telco partner Tangerine is an Aussie-owned company, who are making home telco setups simple and good value with no lock-in contracts.

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Choosing quality telco and utilities providers can go a long way towards keeping our household budgets in check.

When you use Citro’s handpicked partners to buy products or services, you can be sure that you are getting maximum value for money with minimal hassle.

Our partners offer Citro members a chunky cashback that goes straight into the bank account you’ve linked to your Citro Card.

Meet Tangerine

Tangerine is an Australian-owned telco offering smart, simple and low-cost NBN, mobile broadband and sim only mobile plans

Notable for its affordable prices without compromising on quality, Tangerine is one of the fastest growing and best providers for anyone looking for the NBN or SIM-only plans. 

Tangerine NBN and mobile services shine as an attractive option for anyone looking for an affordable service.

Cost of living rising - no surprises there!

The news that cost of living in retirement has risen by 1.3% in the September 2023 quarter means hip pockets are continuing to hurt.  

The Association of Australian Superannuation Funds (ASFA) has revised its ​​retirement standard, which outlines what you should be spending based on a comfortable or modest lifestyle.

Single people are bearing the rapidly rising costs of electricity and utilities so Citro is partnering with innovative and smart new providers who offer better value, better service and lower costs.

Data released in November 2023 by the superannuation industry peak body found the annual expenditure needed to reach ASFA’s defined comfortable retirement standard rose 1.3% in the September 2023 quarter to hit a record high of $71,724 per year for couples.

Retirees living alone require $50,981 per year for a comfortable lifestyle, marking a 1.5% rise from the last quarter and bringing the annual increase to 5.5%.

Read more about retirement incomes and calculating your superannuation needs with Citro’s calculating retirement guide.

4 ways to beat cost of living rises with Citro’s partner Tangerine

With a bit of careful planning and savvy decisions we can all claw more out of everyday spending to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Minimise your mobile phone bills

It’s cheaper to avoid lock-in contracts when it comes to your mobile phone. 

It's only fair that customers are now opting for flexible plans that can be upgraded, downgraded or switched as needed. Don’t lock yourself into something when life can change.

Read more on 7 easy ways to cut mobile phone costs

Choose quality low-cost internet 

Competition among internet providers means that different providers offer various packages and pricing structures.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a popular choice, but there are different speeds and types to choose from, with some customers being recommended  onto the fastest one available in their area. 

There are also alternative internet technologies like fixed wireless or 5G which may better suit your needs and budget. 

Read more about Tangerine’s NBN plans.

Manage data use

If you have a data limit on your mobile or internet plan, exceeding it can result in additional charges, which can be a nasty surprise when you receive your bill. 

Keep tabs on your data consumption (your provider will have a way for you to view your usage) and adjust your internet habits accordingly to avoid unnecessary costs.

Apps running silently in the background can rapidly deplete your data allowances. 

You can also set limits on data usage for individual devices, which could help you keep it in check. If you find that you need that extra data each month, look for a plan that can accommodate those needs in a cost-effective way.

Tangerine also offers a databank so you can save your unused data for another month!

Read more on 8 ways to save on mobile data

Use cash back and rewards programs

Take advantage of cash back and rewards programs offered by credit cards and retailers. They can provide valuable savings on everyday purchases. 

If you don’t like the marketing emails or letters that come along with these types of membership, you can unsubscribe or opt out by following the instructions in their emails or letters. 

(Though don’t unsubscribe from Citro’s, or you’ll miss staying up to date with how to live better for less.)

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