Spida's top 5 fishing spots in Australia

Lake Mulwala is one of former Australian Football (AFL) Peter “Spida” Everitt and his Kiwi wife Sheree's favourite places to fish.

Whether it's catching and releasing barra, tuna or red snapper, there are plenty of picturesque places across Australia to enjoy fishing. Great Australian Doorstep host Peter Spida Everitt shares his top 5 fishing spots with Citro.

By Peter "Spida" Everitt

1 - Finniss River, Northern Territory 

Finniss River hunting for barramundi is my favourite fishing locations. Jump on a charter and have them take you to the best salt and freshwater estuaries in the Northern Territory. No matter what the conditions or time of year, there are plenty of options and plenty of fish. Great local accomodation options are available, with plenty of characters to match.

More info: Territory Guided Fishing

Finniss River up north is a relaxing fishing destination, with some permits required - check with your fishing charter boat for more information.

2 - Whyalla, South Australia 

Catching The Big Red or Snapper in the Spencer Gulf of South Australia is full of adrenaline. As soon as the season opens people used to flock to all coastal towns that surround the Gulf. There are restrictions and bans in place until 2026 to bring the fishing stocks back to healthy numbers, which is a great thing. It will be an extra special place when the area opens up again. 

More info: Eyre Peninsula

Red snapper are one of the most coveted fish in all of Australia, with South Australia banning the catch to ensure stocks replenish.

3 - Gold Coast, Queensland 

You would be hard pressed to get a better location than the Gold Coast. There is great fishing all year round and there is fishing outside the seaways for all your live bait. There's plenty of big fish, too, including marlin, dolphin fish or dew but on the more unpleasant days you can have just as much fun trawling lures for flathead. For the flickers you can flick lures or try with a bit of bait. Trawling for me has always been successful. 

More info: Gold Coast Australia

4 - Carnarvon, Western Australia 

Carnarvon in Western Australia is amazing for all marine life. I’m not a huge diver, but if you like diving then head out for some great cray fish. If you’re into fishing, this is a place that is pretty much untouched. If you’re travelling this far, you need to be there for a week and in that time you can target different fish each day with a different style. Again local knowledge is best so a charter is the best option. Fish such as Pink Snapper, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel all out just off the coast at Dorre and Bernier Islands. 

More info: Carnarvon visitor's centre

5 - Lake Mulwala, New South Wales

Lake Mulwala in NSW is fed from the mighty Murray River. It's where you can chase the elusive Murray Cod - challenging, but that’s fishing! You versus Fish. Murray Cod are a fantastic local fish that can eat anything from golf balls to buggies. To catch cod in the lake, cast at the underwater timber in the lake with spinner baits and hardbody lures. The lake is full of structures, so you need to be patient and hit at the right time but it’s as exciting as catching a Barramundi in the north.

More info: NRMA Parks fishing guide to Lake Mulwala

Citro travel tip

Recreational fishers usually need a licence - so check the rules that apply.

Fishing is a great way to immerse yourself in the calming effects of nature. Being near water and in serene natural environments has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. The act of fishing, which requires focus and patience, can help divert your mind from worries, leading to a decrease in stress and anxiety.

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