Uncorking joy with Naked Wines

Wine is one of those things that can bring people together over a table, a barbecue or even the couch. Citro’s new partner Naked Wines gives our members a healthy $100 cashback.

By Citro

Wine is often a partner to conversation, connection and celebration.

Yet buying wine at big bottle shops means we miss out on the boutique winemaking expertise Australia offers.

From the Margaret River, to Barossa Valley and Tasmania, Australia makes some of the best wines in the world. Australia’s unique terroir attracts and nurtures quality winemakers who are often overlooked or not stocked by the big bottleshops.

Enter Naked Wines. It’s their mission to change the way the wine industry works for the better. Better for winemakers, better for wine drinkers, better for everyone.

In the tapestry of human connection, wine is a vibrant thread

The  convenience of quality online wine delivery has become a game-changer. Exceptional wine can now be effortlessly brought to the doorsteps of those who appreciate it.

The convenience of having carefully curated wines delivered directly offers a hassle-free solution for those who appreciate a glass of fine wine without the fuss.

Naked Wines collaborate with sommeliers, winemakers and passionate wine experts to meticulously curate their selections. 

They have a flavour quiz so they can personalise their best recommendations to your taste.

Their expert winemakers offer great tips and advice to help you better enjoy their wines - this wine temperature guide from Le Enfant’s winemaker is awesomely helpful.

Their mixed dozens are a surprise and delight experience. Buyers can trust in Naked Wines’ expertise behind each bottle (yep, the Citro team have tried and sipped). 

Whether you love a robust Shiraz or an elegant Chardonnay, the expertise behind Naked Wines curation adds a layer of assurance and quality.

Special occasions, family celebrations or gifting


The right food and wine can elevate the everyday into something special. Read more about the right wines to pair with food.

Naked Wines have helped Citro compile a guide to hosting your own murder mystery dinner party.

And if you don’t want to wait until a special occasion to drink, then SBS On Demand has this helpful guide to dinner and wine ideas to match their movies.

Whatever you do, at least try the mixed dozen and see if you like it. Each bottle of wine will come in at less than the price you’ll find at the bottleshop if you take advantage of using your Citro Card to make the purchase.

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