7 Aussie destinations that will make you feel like you’re overseas

Forget hefty long-haul flights, visas and tricky arrangements; domestic travel costs less both physically and mentally. Citro partner Designer Journeys explains exactly where to head to feel like you’ve had a glam overseas trip. 

By Grace Homer for Designer Journeys

If you want an adventure in the Amazon, try Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland  

12 out of the world’s 19 families of primitive plants grow in the Daintree Rainforest, with at least 50 species rarely found anywhere else. The Mossman Gorge Centre is a must-visit to find out more. 

Who needs the world when you have Australia on your doorstep?

Estimated to be over 135 million years old, the Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest in the world. Many moons ago, Australia and South America were part of the same landmass so exploring the Daintree puts you closer to the Amazon than you may think.

The World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest sits on the northeast coast of Queensland. Home to ancient ferns, miles of dangling green vines and species that are not found anywhere else in the world, Daintree is a nature lover’s dream getaway. 

Jungle treks, flying over the canopy on zip-lines, cruising the waterways and watching out for resident crocs are just a handful of the activities on offer here. Even the great Sir David Attenborough called the Daintree Rainforest ‘“the most extraordinary place on Earth,” so you know it’s going to be spectacular!

This 4-day Cairns and Great Barrier Reef adventure starts at $1,982 per person and takes you to some of the best spots on Queensland’s coast including the mighty Daintree. 

If you’re looking for a foodie paradise to rival Southeast Asia, try Darwin in the Northern Territory 

Darwin is famous for its fresh barramundi and eclectic restaurants which take advantage of fresh, locally sourced produce.

Closer to Southeast Asia than it is to Australia’s capital, Darwin developed with a multi-cultural population and an abundance of Asian influences. 

The vibe here is youthful, tropical and centred around its ever-developing food culture. With markets reminiscent of Singapore’s hawker stalls and its very own Laksa Festival celebrating the dish which originated in Peranakan culture, Darwin is where you’ll find all the flavours.

With the option to extend your trip to include a visit to Ayers Rock, this 3-day Northern Territory’s Darwin trip takes you to the centre of the action from $736 per person.

If Spain’s Andalusia wine region calls, then South Australia’s Barossa Valley will make a more than suitable alternative 

Just over an hour’s drive from South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, the fertile soils of Barossa Valley have earned it the reputation of one of the world’s best wine-producing regions. 

Closer than you think; Barossa Valley was actually named after the Barossa Ridge in the Spanish wine-producing region Andalusia when it was first settled by German immigrants. Dating back to 1842, the Barossa Valley is not only one of the most historic wine-producing regions in Australia but it’s made even more special by the methods passed from generation to generation of over 550 grape growers. 

Read more about Australia’s great wine regions on Citro.

Seeking a sailing trip around the Greek Islands? Head to the Whitsundays in Queensland 

Aussies are lucky enough to not need to jump halfway across the world to experience Mediterranean vibes, incredible food and jaw-dropping beaches; it’s all here in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands!

Queensland alone is home to over 2,000 islands, 74 of which sit within the Whitsunday Islands protected by the Great Barrier Reef. To truly explore this region, you can charter your own boat, take a multi-day sailing trip or even base yourself in the laid-back, adventure-filled coastal town of Airlie Beach!

If you’re all about wildlife, Kangaroo Island in South Australia is for you

It’s easy to take the abundant native wildlife on our doorstep in Australia for granted. Koalas, kangaroos, wombats and more are such a common sight for most of us that it’s easy to forget what a spectacular sight it is!

Instead of seeking experiences beyond the international borders this year, you can get back in touch with the wonder that shares your home on a trip to Kangaroo Island. A nature-based adventure with the perfect dose of relaxation could be just what you need after the year we’ve had. 

Not only is the wildlife incredible here but the island itself is also stunning and is one of the best places to experience Australia’s most memorable seafood and wineries which scatter the island. This 4-day trip to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island starts at $3,217 per person.

Read more about the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail walk on Citro.

If you want a Summer in France, look to Western Australia’s Margaret River as an alternative

In terms of supply, Margaret River produces less than 3% of Australia’s wine. However -and it’s a big however- the region accounts for more than a fifth of Australia’s premium wine! If that fact is not reason enough to head here, continue reading. 

Whilst it may only be a speck on the map of Australia, the Margaret River region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastline and decadent food. Ancient native Karri forests, craft breweries, chic cafes and some of the finest wine you’ll taste are just a few more of the reasons to visit. 

When you’re wined and dined out, the multi-chambered caves and unique underwater observatory at the Busselton Jetty make for an exciting day trip on this 4-day Margaret River adventure

If your grumbling belly guides you, Melbourne is the place  

Mirroring its ever vibrant and diverse population, Melbourne’s food scene has shaped the city into the culinary capital of Australia. Beneath the veil of hipster cafes and avocado toast, you’ll find gastronomic treasures around every corner. 

From mouth-watering Korean dishes in the Central Business District to Ethiopian and Sudanese food in Footscray, Melbourne blends east and west with old and new; accommodating to every palate is something this city exceeds at. 

On this 6-day tour of Melbourne, you can deep dive into its culinary delights, iconic landmarks and beautiful coastline.  

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