Make your life instantly easier with these subscriptions

If you thought subscriptions were only for magazines and television, you’re in for a treat… actually, treats are just one of the clever things you can subscribe to.

By Carolyn Tate

Hands up who runs out of coffee before remembering to go to the shops? Or who checks the fridge at dinner time and wishes they’d been a bit more organised before they got so hangry they can’t think straight?

Life can be hectic, and finding ways to make things simpler is always an easy win in our book. Subscription services are a fantastic way to streamline your routine, giving you one less thing to think about, while offering some extra perks

While we might have started out subscribing to magazines, newspapers, Netflix and Spotify, the offerings have expanded since then. From meal kits to cars to fitness programs, there’s a subscription for just about everything.

If you could do with a lighter mental load, read on for some of our favourite life subscription ideas.

A meal kit subscription will cut down waste

Love cooking but hate wheeling a shopping trolley with a dodgy wheel around the supermarket, then throwing away a crisper full of wilted veg at the end of the week? Meal kit subscriptions are here to save the day. They send you what you need to create some simple and delicious meals, without the waste. Services like HelloFresh, Marley Spoon and Dinnerly deliver pre-portioned ingredients and recipes straight to your door.

Produce and meat boxes keep things fresh

If you’d rather do your own recipe planning but want to skip the supermarket trips, you can also subscribe to services that bring fresh fruit, veg and meat straight to your door, direct from the farm. Farmers Pick, Farmer and Son, Butcher Crowd and the Meat Store are just four of the many scheduled deliveries on offer, so you’ll always have fresh food at hand.

Up your motivation by subscribing to a fitness program

Want to stay fit without leaving the house?  Exercise from the comfort of your living room with online fitness programs like Centr by Chris Hemsworth, Les Mills On Demand, 28 by Sam Wood and Fluidform Pilates. They offer classes and workout plans tailored to your goals and some even offer meal plans and lifestyle coaching to really keep you on track.

Keep your pet fed and happy

Your pet can also benefit from all kinds of subscriptions. Treat them to monthly boxes filled with food, toys, treats, and grooming supplies. Companies like Uglybox, Waggly Club and The Happy Cat Box provide curated boxes that keep your furry friends happy and entertained. And for all their food essentials, try brands like Lyka, Scratch or Raw and Fresh.

Never run out of household essentials again

An ongoing subscription means you’ll always have cleaning supplies and paper products ready to go. Services like Yarn’n and Who Gives A Crap deliver eco-friendly toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels, while Thankyou, Zero Co and Ecostore provide regular shipments of cleaning products and personal care items.

Get curated fashion delivered straight to you

Stay stylish without the shopping hassle. Fashion subscription boxes like Her Fashion Box, Threadicated and Glamcorner curate clothing and accessories based on your style preferences, delivering fresh fashion to your doorstep regularly.

Stay on top of home maintenance

Keep your home in top shape without the stress. Subscriptions for lawn care, pest control, and pool maintenance from companies like Jim's Mowing, Flick Anticimex and Pool Werx ensure your home stays well-maintained and comfortable.

A car subscription service means you get to drive your dream car without the huge upfront cost.

Subscribe to a car and ditch the hassle

Need a car without the commitment of ownership? Car subscription services like Carbar, Motopool and Carly Car offer flexible plans that allow you to subscribe to the car of your choice, making it easy to get around without the bother of maintenance, financing, and insurance.

Read more about how car subscriptions work.

Take care of your mental health and wellness

There are some great subscriptions out there offering guided meditations, therapy sessions, and mental health resources. Apps like Smiling Mind, Calm and Headspace provide tools to help you manage stress and improve your overall wellbeing. There are also subscriptions to ‘self-care boxes’ from  places like Be. Box, Retreat Yourself and Beautifully Well Box.

Grow a beautiful garden

Green thumbs rejoice! Monthly deliveries of seeds, plants, and gardening tools from The Seed Collection, Diggers Club and The Seed Club provide everything you need to keep your garden growing. And don’t forget a traditional gardening magazine subscription like Gardening Australia, Pip Magazine or Organic Gardener.

Never run out of books

Avid reader? You’ll be happy to know there are also plenty of book subscriptions to choose from. Bionic Book Subscription, Book Box, Booxies and Well Read deliver monthly selections of books tailored to your reading preferences, ensuring you always have something new to read. And if you prefer your books read aloud to you, Audible has a monthly subscription plan and a wonderful selection of books to choose from.

Look your best with a regular beauty box

Look and feel your best with personalised skincare and beauty product subscriptions. Services like Bellabox, The Change Box and Beauty Box Club provide regular shipments of skincare, makeup, and wellness products.

Get your crafts and hobbies fix

Explore new hobbies or enhance your existing ones with monthly craft kits. Services like Craft & Crumb, My Craftmaster and Paint Plot deliver everything art and crafters need to create something wonderful. Avid fisherfolk will love Tackle Club, engineers and tinkerers KiwiCo and music lovers will swoon for Vinyl Moon.

Lock in a regular gathering of friends with a cocktail subscription.

Say cheers to wine and spirits

Indulge in premium selections of wine, beer, or spirits with monthly subscriptions. Companies like Vinomofo, Secret Bottle and Beer Cartel offer curated selections tailored to your taste, perfect for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. If you prefer cocktails, there are subscriptions for you too. Try Cocktail Porter, Curatif or Cocktail Club.

Settle your coffee cravings

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Subscription services like Nespresso, Coffee Circle and Seven Miles Coffee Roasters ensure you never run out of your favourite brew. You’ll get high-quality coffee beans or pods delivered right to your door – often at a discounted price.

Keep up with your vitamins and prescriptions

Stay on top of your health with vitamin and prescription delivery services, so you never run out again. Companies like Vitable, Blackmores and Chemist Warehouse offer tailored vitamin packs and prescription refills delivered directly to your home.

6 things to know about supplementing your nutrition as you get older

Expand your knowledge

Expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home with educational subscription services. Sites like MasterClass, Udemy and Coursera provide access to a wide range of courses and expert instructors, helping you learn new skills at your own pace.

Give yourself a regular treat

Ahhh, we saved the best for last! Sometimes, you just need a little indulgence. Subscription boxes for little treats to brighten your day can add a touch of luxury to your life. Companies like LVLY and Bloom & Wild (for flowers), The Sugar Shack and Treat Crate (for yummy snacks) and Retreat Yourself (for pampering) offer delightful surprises delivered to your doorstep, perfect for gifting – but our tip is to give them to yourself. 

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